Now on the web images of doors with new finishes.

At Puertas Perciber we launched a new collection of finishes in the spring of 2020, which we intended to present in society during our participation in the Maderalia Exhibition.

Given the situation experienced in our country as a result of Covid-19, the fair was suspended and we incorporated the new finishes, postponing that official presentation until when the situation returned to normal, which has not ended up happening.

In order to move forward without interfering with the forecasts of starting to manufacture with these finishes, and trying to put new and better sales tools in the hands of our distributors, at the end of the summer we launched a new sampler case, more attractive, extensive and practical, in which incorporated the new finishes.

A few days ago, we have also expanded our website with images of a complete door with these finishes, in this way it is possible to better appreciate the details of these new finishes on a door, such as the color and width of its drawing, etc.