2D Vinyl Doors

2D Vinyl door material allows us to reproduce door designs with a wider range of finishes that we could not carry out until now. Choose your style, select the door model matching it and enjoy combinations as good as you had imagined.

2D Vinyl Finishes

Acabado Malluma colección Grey, Vinilo 2D


Acabado Glaciar colección Cotton, Vinilo 2D


Stock Service

Acabado Siena Vinilo 2D

Roble Siena

Acabado Acazio Laminado


Acabado Teka colección Nature, Vinilo 3D


Acabado Trufa colección Grey, Vinilo 2D

Gris Trufa

2D Vinyl doors offer the versatility and advantages of new cladding materials. PortStylo 2D Vinyl doors are available in a range of diverse, current, innovative and very attractive finishes, which, when applied to the different designs available, complete a collection from which you will surely be able to find the model that best suits your needs.

2D Vinyl doors models