A 2020 full of new finishes.

2020 is being a year of innovations and challenges for Puertas Perciber and our range of interior doors PortStylo and our Armoured IRON doors.

We started the year with a new impulse, full of illusion and with new and exciting objectives. However, in March we found ourselves with a reality that was very different from what we had imagined, forcing us to improvise.

Today, we are launching our NEW COLLECTION of FINISHES to the world, which includes 10 novelties, which undoubtedly becomes the most extensive extension of finishes carried out by Puertas Perciber to date.

Inspired by the world around us, the new finishes have been meticulously selected for their ability to stimulate the senses. Trendy colors and textures that gain strenght through details such as the subtle metallic sparkles of the Trufa, the velvety touch of the Arena, the vigorous grain of the Selva, the suggestive texture of the Acazio…

Here and now, we present our new 2020 finishes: