Puertas Perciber

Port Stylo, the brand of interior doors by Puertas Perciber

At Puertas Perciber we are specialist manufacturers of domestic doors. Our range of interior doors is called PortStylo, and we have available a wide catalogue of designs and finishing touches created to perfectly integrate into any environment, being much more than a constructive element, becoming part of your home decoration giving it personality and character.

Armoured doors for private residences by Puertas Perciber

Our armoured doors for houses are called Acorazadas IRON. IRON armoured doors provide your home with that first security barrier for your home with a high integration capacity and maximum functionality, and, of course, being able to be configured to maintain the same style as the rest of your home decoration with a multitude of finishing touches and designs.

Our Perciber Doors

  • Saloon doors

  • Stained glass doors

  • Entrance doors

  • Sliding doors

  • Armoured doors

  • Fire doors

  • Armoured steal doors

  • Doors with finger trap protection