Quality policy
 and Chain of Custody

Our commitment to
 the quality is complete, thanks to which
 we keep growing every day

Published on 12/12/2016 Last reviewed and updated on 1/19/2023

The Management of Puertas Perciber SL, undertakes to comply with the Quality Policy and Chain of Custody defined under the Management Handbook, to ensure that the provisions described therein are respected, as well as to ensure the periodic evaluation of the Management System of the company

Molduras Perciber S.L. was created in 1983 by three professionals from the wood sector, in order to meet the market needs of door manufacturers who demanded components for their productive activity. At the beginning of 2014, Molduras Perciber S.L. changed its name to Puertas Perciber S.L., thus adapting the company name to the new productive reality of the company, currently focused mainly on the manufacture of doors.

The first components that Puertas Perciber S.L. They were curves and little frames for decorating all kinds of doors. The activity has been increasing each year at rates of the order of 50%, growing until today with 30 workers and a production area of ​​around 5,000 [C1] m2. Regarding the manufactured product, after a few years since its creation , I incorporate boards for decorating armored and armored doors into its catalogue, innovating and developing new models. During 2011, it gave new impetus to its production by incorporating the production of internal interior doors into its catalogue. The presence in the markets has been growing gradually until occupying a national market share of 75% and achieving a consolidated presence in Portugal, Italy, France, etc. At the beginning of 2009, the property of the company Panelsan S.L. was acquired, thus incorporating the production of Puertas Perciber S.L. the manufacture of ceiling lights and the gluing of PVC to boards, an activity that was previously subcontracted to Panelsan S.L., a company that was 100% owned by members of Puertas Perciber S.L. and that they worked exclusively and in a synchronized manner with it, with personnel from both companies participating, depending on production circumstances, in the activity of one or the other company.

The quality and custody chain policy has been developed during the life of the company following its own criteria, but the increase in activity has led us to consider it necessary to do so from now on in a standardized manner according to the criteria set by the ISO 9001 STANDARD, and the PEFCST 2002 standard.

The Management of PUERTAS PERCIBER, S.L., establishes and keeps its quality policy and chain of custody up to date. In Puertas Perciber S.L. We make our boards and doors demanding the highest level of quality from ourselves, choosing the best woods in order to achieve an optimal level of finishes in the realization of our products. Woods such as Mely Pine, oak, Sapely, etc., allow us to offer a variety of models and finishes that cover a wide range of needs. The high quality of our products is known, in addition to Spain, throughout the European Economic Community and South America, where we ship our products made with all kinds of noble wood, both domestic and imported. The doors manufactured by the main Spanish, Italian and European companies in general, are paneled with our coatings.

The will of the Company’s Management has been, and is, to meet the expectations of our customers, identifying and defining their requirements and needs and assuming a commitment to continuous improvement. This commitment tries to anticipate the expectations of our clients and prevent, rather than correct, possible non-conformities of the Quality Management System and the Chain of Custody.

The company applies it according to these general actions:

  • Integrate the quality strategy and chain of custody in our decisions.
  • Determine and analyze the internal and external context to support the strategic direction.
  • Address the risks and opportunities associated with our context and objectives.
  • Establish the organization of responsibilities, authority and internal and external communications for each function related to Quality and Chain of Custody, so as to guarantee adequate maintenance of the Management System.
  • Strictly comply with current legislation.
  • Have the necessary human resources with a high level of training.

PUERTAS PERCIBER, S.L., through this Policy explicitly and publicly commits to:

  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System.
  • Take actions aimed at the continuous improvement of the organization and to prevent the appearance of non-conformities.
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations, and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes.
  • Comply with the requirements of the PEFC Chain of Custody, as a consequence of the company’s commitment to sustainable development, in order to make public statements and/or labels that refer to the origin of the raw material included in the manufactured products.
  • Comply with social, health and safety requirements, committing to:
    – not prevent workers from freely associating, electing their representatives, or collective bargaining with the company,
    – not make use of forced labor,
    – not make use of the hiring of workers below the legal minimum age of 15 years, below the compulsory schooling age, if this is higher, or not prevent equal opportunities and treatment for workers,
    – working conditions do not endanger the safety or health of workers.
  • Transfer these assets of PUERTAS PERCIBER, S.L., in order to be valued by our customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

This declaration of Quality Policy and Chain of Custody is disseminated at all levels of the company, and specifically, the senior management of Puertas Perciber S.L. ensures that it is known and understood by all. The Policy is disclosed at all levels of the company, said disclosure will be made in two ways:

  • Publication of the PUERTAS PERCIBER, S.L. Policy, in the offices.
  • Personalized communication to each of the workers

Said quality and custody chain policy is reviewed at least once a year, coinciding with the review by management.