Maximum versatility, this is how laminated doors are as we interpret them at Port Stylo. Our most successful finishes are still valid due to their current character. The beauty, style and wide variety of combinations of our laminated doors that arise from the possibility of combining finishes and frets make the Port Stylo laminated door a sure value to integrate into all types of environments.

Laminated Doors Finishes




Blanco Savia

Talcum - Laminadas


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Roble Urban

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Nogal Selva

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Roble Estrío

Roble Arena

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Our PortStylo Laminated Doors can be found in a wide range of finishes, which combined with the different possible designs as well as the types and colors of frets, create a very wide range of possible combinations. With the full guarantee of Puertas Perciber.

Laminated doors models