The new PortStylo catalogue, with important news

At Maderalia 2022, just over a month ago, the launch of our new PortStylo catalogue took place, and it did so with an important novelty, and that is that from this season the classification of our range is kinder to the final public, organizing its content giving priority to the design style of the different finishes.

With the new classification, users can find the door from our range that best suits their style.

NATURE: Finishes inspired by nature, current and suggestive.
GREY: Sophisticated and versatile grey tones that combine with a multitude of styles.
TRADITION: Classic tones reinterpreted by adding current nuances.
COTTON: Our brightest range, with white as the protagonist.
LACQUERED: The queen of the moment, the lacquered door, available in a multitude of designs.
In short, this new catalogue aims to become a tool that makes it easier for the user to choose the best doors that suit with their style and character.