Technical Conference with the College of Architects of Murcia

On July 8th, the conference given by our Commercial Director, Juan José Pérez, “Doors in home renovations. Characteristics, types of installation and customization possibilities” took place. As of today you can find the full video of this event on our YouTube channel.

Last March we signed an agreement with the Official College of Architects of the Region of Murcia (COAMU), through which we intended to start a relationship that would allow us to grow as a company by proactively approaching a sector whose activity is carried out so close to the ours, and which will undoubtedly allow us to give new impetus to the development of our products by providing a novel and eminently functional point of view.

The cornerstone of this first year in agreement with the COAMU consisted of participation in its training sessions through the live broadcast of an Online Technical Conference, which this year was framed within the Building Rehabilitation, Urban Regeneration and Management Cycle and aid processing.