New catalogue of our Armoured IRON door

Our Armoured IRON doors are consolidated within the range of Puertas Perciber products as a high-quality alternative for those users who require a Class 3 armoured door.

The Armoured IRON door is developed in order to protect our home against any type of theft and intrusion with a very good quality/price ratio.

Designed and manufactured applying innovative and practical security solutions, such as its adjustable anti-card system, its anti-lever pivots, its robust armoured core… They are also highly customizable thanks to our wide variety of finishes and coatings.

In our new and expanded catalogue of the IRON armoured door, the most relevant information on the product is collected, regarding description, measurements, finishes, etc.

At Puertas Perciber we continue working to expand our range of doors in accordance with the demands of the market, proof of this, is the consolidation of the IRON door as one of our flagship products.

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Acorazada IRON Armoured IRON