Expansion in Perciber, continue growing to continue improving.

Despite the fact that we are living in complex times, with a difficult global situation due to the shortage of supplies and cost overruns due to their excessive increases, at Puertas Perciber we maintain our commitment to our clients to always seek to improve management, production, attention and service.

Part of this commitment has materialized in recent months with the construction and expansion of new facilities, with new and modern spaces for manufacturing and logistics.

With this expansion, at Puertas Perciber we have increased the useful area of ​​our facilities by more than 3,000 m², with new loading docks and new processing and finishing machinery for our products.

Our storage capacity has also improved, which has allowed us to increase our volume of products in permanent stock, expediting the service of the most demanded items.

At Puertas Perciber, as a family business, we feel closely linked to the town that saw us born and grow, and that is why we can proudly say that the aforementioned expansions have also allowed us to create and consolidate new jobs, increasing our workforce around +30% in just over a year.

At Puertas Perciber we face the future with excitement due to the new and exciting projects we are working on, without a doubt, what is to come will be exciting and we are eager to continue sharing it with you.

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